On our shelf – The Hidden Garden a story of the heart

gU_jLnWdg499ZkqjnZqHlKOHGiRmNyJZDgo00wIZtuPkjGcb2Xf18_hYwn0HQ7ZqkXIyzRhLEHw5Rh7WW1ChPsE5KDVBFfWJIH8tadi7A3xYZHea5t0gsKYvI4mA3jE24Q=s0-d-e1-ftTitle: The Hidden Garden a story of the heart

Author: Jane G Meyer

Illustrator: Masha Lobastov

Publisher: Conciliar Press

What it’s about: An older man tells a boy how Christ helped him to turn his dry and desert heart into a beautiful and peaceful garden.  The story speaks to allowing Christ in our lives and hearts to cultivate with us, a heart filled with prayer, forgiveness, peace and love.  

What we love about it:  The gorgeous illustrations and the deep meaning behind the words on each page.  How it allows for a meaningful conversations about having a peaceful heart, asking for God’s help, and continuously working with Christ as we grow.  Also love, love, love, the words and illustration of Christ knocking on the door.

Activity: The Hidden Garden Puzzle

Supplies: a blank puzzle and crayons



After reading, talking, and thinking about The Hidden Garden a story of the heart, draw your thoughts or favorite part onto your puzzle. Play and have fun!

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Book 2 :)

Just wanted to share with you that most of the research (I’ll share more about the missing research later this summer) and storyboard for book two is finished… which means it’s time for art.  Please keep us in your prayers, and you are in ours.

-53P.S. Meet Mary (rough sketch)

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