Craft Share: Easter Candle

So thankful to Anna and Marina K for sharing this awesome Easter Candle project with us!







Do you have an Orthodox craft you would like to share with us?

If so….

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TOCP diy kids: Flower Wall



Supplies: Icon, flowers (Michaels), a wall safe washi tape, and scissors.


“Today is hung upon the Tree, He Who did hang the land in the midst of the waters. A Crown of thorns crowns Him Who is King of Angels. He is wrapped about with the purple of mockery Who wrapped the Heavens with clouds. He received buffetings Who freed Adam in Jordan. He was transfixed with nails Who is the Bridegroom of the Church. He was pierced with a spear Who is the Son of the Virgin. We worship Thy Passion, O Christ. Show also unto us thy glorious Resurrection.”

Today is hung upon the Tree, He Who did hang the land in the midst of the waters. – See more at:
Today is hung upon the Tree, He Who did hang the land in the midst of the waters. – See more at:
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TOCP diy kids: Paper Flower Last Supper Icon

Supplies: Photocopy of your Last Supper Icon, cardboard frame (you can make your own or get this one from Lakeshore), double sided tape, glue stick, pencil, flower paper punch, card stock, heavy white paper, and red paint.


Glue the icon to card stock or heavy paper,

then tape it to the cardboard frame.







Use your paper punch to make lots of flowers!

Make and place your flowers around the frame.

Using your pencil and paint, make dots or swirl the paint around the center of the flower.  It’s best to do this while the flowers are on the frame.

Place your icon somewhere special in your house.

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