A Valentine for Christ

This past Sunday in Church School, we (the four and five year old class) made these Valentines Day necklaces. Before I explained the directions I asked them, “Why do we celebrate Valentines Day?”  One child responded, which everyone agreed with,  “To show people we love them.”  I asked them if they knew who loves them the most?   They replied “Jesus” or “God”.  It was so beautiful to hear them say that, and to know how much their families must talk about and value their faith.  We then talked about the Icon of Christ with the Children, and how we were going to make a valentine for Christ.  We wanted to show Christ how much we love Him, in the same way we show our friends and family we love them when we pass out valentines.

I thought I would share this simple craft project with you, just in case your child or class might want to make one as well.  I used picture directions so your child could do it by themselves (minus the giant scissors).

The icon is taken from the last page of the coloring book at http://orthodoxeducation.blogspot.com/2009/04/icon-coloring-book.html I just shrunk it down and made multiples on a word document.

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