Church School :)

Day 4

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We began by talking about and then drawing something we remember from Liturgy… which happened to be Fr. Thomas. We then took a “field trip” to the Church to play a version of “I spy”. I took pictures of the things they spied and will print them out for our classroom Orthodox “word wall”.

Day 5

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We started (and introduced) our monthly journals. Today’s journal prompt: “Draw something you remember from Divine Liturgy”. The purpose is to hopefully help them verbalized what they are personally seeing or experiencing. It also helps to transition before we begin our lesson or during snack.

Day 6

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We talked about prayer and made a list as a class describing/defining prayer. Next we drew ourselves in the center of the our own paper gluing on hearts for the people and things we pray for.

Day 7

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Seventh day of Church School (really 8th, but I was sick last week)!!! We had a great conversation about why we light candles and how they represent a prayer, but can also remind us that Christ is the light. We talked about how God is always with us and that He is our light. We made lanterns with the icon of Christ to represent this, and added sequins to show the light of the candles we light at Church.

Day 9

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We had a great conversation about icons: where we see them, why we have them, why we venerate them, and what we notice about them (size, material, symbols, etc). To illustrate this tangibly, I brought icons from home of different shapes, sizes, detail, and materials. I also showed them the one Fr. Thomas made when he was younger. We then each made an icon to take home.

Day 10

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We talked about today’s feast day, our guardian angel, and the guardian angel icon. Then we drew ourselves holding the angel’s hand (I made copies without the little girl), colored it in and the glued it onto construction paper.

Day 11

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We talked about story of The Good Samaritan, the greatest commandment, and who is our neighbor. They wrote their names on hearts for the amount of people in the class, the passed them out, one by one, to one another. We glued the verse, God written on a heart (because we love God with all our heart) and the hearts (to symbolize our love for our neighbor) onto card stock.

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