Every Time I Do My Cross – Paper Doll

So a while back I shared, http://www.theorthodoxchildrenspress.com/our-books/on-our-shelf-every-time-i-do-my-cross/, an activity to go along with our book.










The activity explains how to make a paper doll that bends, so it can make the sign of the cross.   A wonderful Khouria recently asked me if I could send the worksheet, and I thought what a great idea why didn’t I do this before 🙂 … so here’s the worksheet you can use to make the paper doll.  You will also need scissors, coloring supplies (color pencils, markers, crayons), mini brads (I found these at Michaels), push pin or hole punch depending on the brads, and glue.  The PDF is in the link below the image.



PDF–> Every Time I Do My Cross Paper Doll

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