On our shelf – The Abbot and I: As told by Josie the Cat

Title: The Abbot and I: As told by Josie the Cat

Author: Sarah Elizabeth Cowie

Illustrator: Sarah Selby

Publisher: Conciliar Press

What it’s about: An Abbot’s cat named Josie, who walks the reader through the daily life at their monastery.

What we love about it:  The beautiful illustrations, the wonderful, thoughtful, and the extremely educational story.  We also love that it’s told from the point of view of a very cute cat.

Activity: A Book and Tea Party


– World Market – Paint Your Own Tea Set


1. Read the story.

2. Paint your tea set following the directions included with the set.

3. Invite your friends or stuffed animals over for a tea and book party.

4. Read the story together and talk about the wonderful and interesting things that happen at a monastery.

         Book 8 is on the shelf

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