TOCP diy family: Church Year Time Capsule

BuPbtMJQdS4lu88lrnRLFsxG6yd-sNUDQlbdwIb1BltmQf2Oq4QD0_9gq54UNscz2Ow5EshrL3JCUZd53BJ_zdAe5hDLhWR1s3bPJvmabsUnLBhw6WiUzjBCXAeYV6zUvA=s0-d-e1-ftCollect and save artifacts from your Church to be opened sometime in the future.

Artifact ideas:

a weekly and monthly bulletin

pictures – church inside and out, activities at Church and services etc.

write a summary of life at your church today


*Please follow all product directions for each supply.

You can find the Time Capsule sheet here on our Scribd page.


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