TOCP diy kids: Nativity Ornament



– Awesome Nativity scene printout from Made by Joel

– a plastic cup

– a push pin

– scissors

– glue stick

– markers

– string

– cardstock

– a pencil


1. Print out and color the Travel Nativity Scene.

2. Cut out the pieces leaving room on the ends to fold and glue down.

3. Trace the cup with the pencil and cut out the circle from the card stock.

4. Set the cup aside. Beginning with the manger and baby Jesus, glue on the pieces of the Nativity scene, folding and gluing them onto the card stock.

5.  Add all the pieces.

6.  Set the Nativity scene aside and get the cup, string, scissors, and push pin.  Using the push pin, poke a hole on the top of the cup.  You might need to make the hole a little bigger with scissors, but not too big or the string will fall out. Then loop both pieces of sting through leaving a loop at the top.  Tie a knot inside the cup.

7. Glue the bottom of your cup and the outside edge of the paper, then put together.

8. Hang it on your tree or give it as a gift.

tip: you could also add fake snow, glitter, etc to the inside or outside of the cup.

This project was adapted from this super cute project.

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