TOCP diy kids: St. Herman and St. Lucia Winter bird and Squirrel Food


– bread

– a star cookie cutter

– peanut butter (if you have an allergy you can use suet)

– birdseed

– string

 – a plate

 – a bowl

 – a straw

– a knife

Purpose: To bring food to the winter animals who might be hungry.  This is a great way to remember St. Herman and St. Lucia, who are great examples of helping those (people and animals) who are in need and hungry.

You can learn more by reading the books North Star St. Herman of Alaska by Dorrie Papademetriou, Saint Herman of Alaska by S. A. Smith, and Lucia Saint of Light by Katherine Bolger Hyde.

Another way to imitate St. Herman and St. Lucia, would be to donate food or your time to help people who are hungry.


1.  Learn more about St. Herman and St. Lucia!

2.  Using the star cookie cutter, cut out stars from the bread.  We are using a star cookie cutter, because both St. Herman and St. Lucia have stars represented in different parts of their lives and stories.

3.  Once you have cut out all of your stars, poke holes in the middle of each of them using the straw.

4.  Loop the string through and tie several knots. Repeat for all the stars.

5.  Using a butter knife, spread the peanut butter on both sides of the star.

6.  Place the star into a bowl of birdseed, covering both sides.

7.  Put your it on the plate, and finish the rest of the stars.  We made half with strings for the birds and half without for the squirrels.

8.  Go outside and hang the birdseed stars on a tree, and place the squirrel birdseed stars on a ledge. (tip: try to put them in a place where dogs won’t be able to eat them on accident)


9.  Watch to see if any little hungry winter birds or animals come to visit!


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