An Interview with Olympian Christina Loukas

I can’t express what an honor it is to interview the incredibly talented and inspirational Christina Loukas! She is a two time Olympian and a nine-time US National champion who currently devotes her time to studying Physical Therapy in graduate school.  Christina is a gifted athlete with a very long and accomplished list of awards and metals she has earned through many years of training, hard work and perfecting her gifts and talents.


I first heard Christina speak this past spring at the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago Junior Olympics.  It was so inspiring to hear her discuss the importance of her faith and to hear her share how she too had once participated in these events as a child.  She is such a wonderful example of what you can accomplish when you work hard, develop your talents and gifts, and follow your dreams.


10807928_10104879758786139_1259158656_nHello my name is: Christina Loukas

My patron saint is: St. Christina

As a child, my favorite children’s book were: Goodnight Moon and Where the Wild Things Are

My Job/what I do: Used to be a springboard diver for the USA. Retired from that in 2012 after the London Olympics. I am now in graduate school for Physical Therapy at Northwestern University in Chicago.

What I love about it: I want to become a physical therapist because I want to help people recover from injuries. I am also fascinated by the human body and how it works. I would also love to work with elite athletes to help them accomplish their goals.

How being Orthodox impacts what I do: My faith guides me in life and helps me make decisions. Orthodoxy has taught me to be more loving and giving towards other people, and I think this is what lead me to become a physical therapist. I have also received so much support from other members in my church throughout my life. Being Greek Orthodox has brought so many people into my life that I now consider my extended family.

If I could tell our youth one thing it would be: Dream big! And go after your goals.


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