Connecting Home and Church – Fr. Evan Armatas

It is such a great honor and blessing to interview Fr. Evan Armatas.  He is a husband, father, a Priest, and a tireless worker in Christ’s vineyard.  Through his talent and initiative he has created amazing resources for Orthodox children and educators.  One of these resources  is the Orthodox Catechism Project,  Fr. Evan, with Dn. Paul Zaharas and Prsv. Rachel Sinos, created a way for families and Churches to find ready to use organized lesson plans and inspiration, for home or in the classroom.

Another awesome resource he has created, are the Pascha Passport and Lenten Journey Map.  They are an amazing way for kids to follow along as well as get excited about our beautiful services during lent.  You can find them and learn more at

In addition to these great resources, he is the creator and host of Orthodoxy Live a live radio program where listeners can call in and ask questions and get answers about the faith.  Orthodoxy Live is streamed live, on the first and third Sundays of each month at 8:00 pm Eastern on Ancient Faith Radio.  You can find out more information at

Lastly if that wasn’t enough, he created (in his dorm room at Holy Cross), the St. Necktarios Fund which supports education, building schools, and assisting students living in poverty. Please check it out at

  On a personal note, I had the blessing of working with Fr. Evan at Camp Emmanuel while he was the director.  The Christ centered experience campers and staff received from camp, was a direct reflection of his hard work and deep love of our faith, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn from him!


Hello my Name is: Father Evan Armatas.

My patron saint is: My feast day is the Annunciation on March 25, my baptismal name is Evangelos.

As a child, my favorite children’s book was As a child I really enjoyed the Narnia Series. I also loved Dr. Seuss books.

My job is: I am a priest in the Orthodox Church.

What I love about my job: I share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those I encounter day to day. I love helping them develop their relationship with Jesus Christ and watching that change their lives.

If I could tell our youth one thing it would be: Consider committing your life to Jesus Christ and His Church by becoming engaged in your faith and learning what the Lord has taught us about becoming holy. You will find that the path of life given by our Lord will change your life and give you wisdom and direction.

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