Connecting Home and Church – Kh. Gigi Baba Shadid

It is such an honor and blessing to interview Kh. Gigi Baba Shadid!! She has gifted the Orthodox world with  fun and catchy songs and videos, which are both Orthodox and educational. Thankfully, her smart and engaging videos can be watched at anytime on YouTube.  Through her thoughtful words, hand and body movements, Kh. Gigi is teaching our kids a love of the church in a real and awesome way!

You can also digitally download her music on iTunes , and listen to fun Orthodox songs at home or in the car. It is such a blessing to have these songs available for our children to learn from and love! I am so thankful for her ministry, and for the wonderful way she shares her talents. She has touched so many lives and I know will continue to do so!


Hello my Name is: Kh. Gigi Baba Shadid

My patron saint is: St. George (baptismal name is “Georgette”)

Favorite children’s book is: Tale of Three Trees by Angela Hunt

My job or what I do/did: Teacher, I have taught in the public and private schools and have also been a full-time Youth Director. I am currently full-time mom who spends (spare) time writing and producing Orthodox Christian music for children and adults.

What I love about it: I love being able to share my passion for teaching with music. It allows me to teach and do youth ministry in several places at once, while still being a full-time mom.

How being Orthodox impacts what I do: As Christians, especially as Orthodox Christians, we are aware of the constant struggle toward salvation. Every day I fall, and every day I hope to learn from those falls and get back up. We are all “fighting the good fight” and battling the enemy in unseen warfare. Being aware of this struggle is half the battle. Currently, I am working on an album called, “Fight the Good Fight”. The songs on this album focus on the spiritual battle and essential questions for our salvation. It’s an album for adults, but one that teens and children can enjoy as well.

If I could tell our youth one thing it would be: If you want to live an Orthodox life in Christ in today’s culture, you are going to be up against a lot of adversity. Even though you are in the minority, never give up on what you know to be true. The truth is not always popular, but lucky for us, getting into heaven is not a popularity contest.


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