Connecting Home and Church – Kh. Zohreh Daly

I am so excited and feel so blessed that I was able to interview Kh. Zohreh Daly.  She is one of those people that I feel like I have known forever, but I think we may have only met once while her husband was at Holy Cross? However thanks to facebook, I had the opportunity to get to know Kh. Zohreh and her two amazing businesses: Scarlett and Jack Modern Quilts and Zohreh Daly Designs.

She is a wife, mother, children’s room designer, Khouria, quilt maker, and has a wonderfully welcoming and friendly personality.  Through her God given talents and creativity, she is able to design amazing and unique looks; which create colorful, creative, and well styled children’s rooms.  She has an amazing eye for design, color combinations, trends, and detail; which is important when looking for a designer.  In addition to her design business, she is a extremely talented quilter.  Her quilts are modern and so beautiful!  I am so excited for what’s ahead for Kh. Zohreh, and am very thankful that she shares her amazing talents with the world.

These are her design boards she uses for her clients.  You can find out more at

Hello my Name is Zohreh Daly

My patron saint is St. Mary of Egypt

As a child, my favorite children’s book was “What Do People Do All Day?” I would just stare at the buildings and just loved the detail. Eventually the book became so worn I think it fell apart.

My job is taking care of my two daughters Athena (3) and Felicity (9 months). I also run Scarlett and Jack Modern Quilts and Zohreh Daly Designs.

I’ve been making modern quilts for about 4 years now and formed Scarlett and Jack a couple years ago due to demand. I have a blog,, that features most of my projects though I am much better at updating the Scarlett and Jack facebook page. I make mainly decor items – quilts, pillows, napsets, etc. Unfortunately, sewing in this fashion is not a good way to pay back student loans! It’s a lot of work and high material costs can make profitability very small.

Sooooo, when I officially quit my career as a marriage and family therapist I decided to go after my dream career – children’s room design. I was very scared at first, my background was in counseling and other than having exposure to my stepmother and dad’s businesses (interior decorating/remodeling) and some architecture in college, I didn’t have much exposure to formal interior design. After consulting someone who had studied ID, it became clear that going back to school in this market wouldn’t be necessary as I wouldn’t be knocking down load bearing walls or doing the type of work that needed that expertise.

I went to the library and studied and studied and studied. I learned the business aspects, modeling, some computer aided design, etc. It’s amazing how college, no matter what the field, teaches you how to learn.

So with a prayer and a Michigan tax ID I started up Zohreh Daly Designs. Essentially what I offer is two forms of design services: 1. An e-design/shopping list for those who just need direction (and far from the Detriot, Grand Rapids, Chicago areas) and 2. in-home design services.

What I love about it: I love being creative and not writing boring reports and being stressed all the time as I was as a therapist. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of Iranian guilt for not going to med school but I really like doing this!

If I could tell our youth one thing it would be: Find out where your true passions lie. Follow that path but let God be your beacon.

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