Connecting Home and Church – Prsv. Vassi Haros


It is such an honor and blessing to interview Presvytera Vassi Haros.  She is a mother, wife, Presvytera, artist, photographer, volunteer, a great cook, a warm and loving person, and a writer.  She is also the owner and artist at V’s Card Box, an Orthodox card company.  She makes beautiful cards that are perfect for all occasions, but especially Orthodox ones.  In addition to giving us the perfect card for our sacraments, she donates a portion of her sales to a new charity every month; which really speaks to her character.  I am so thankful and love, that she has provided the Orthodox world with such a wonderful and beautiful resource.

If that wasn’t enough she also has a wonderful blog called In Service and Love, where she shares her delicious recipes, and then teaches you step by step how to make them. Whether she is making dolmathes, giving you great tips on what to stock up for lent, or teaching you how and why to make Koliva, it’s all done in love.  I appreciate her warm approach and am thankful that she shares her home and knowledge with us.

My Name is: Presvytera Vassi Makris Haros

My patron saint is: St. Basil the Great. I like having a saint we celebrate twice: Jan 1 on his feast day and again on Jan 30 on Three Hierarchs.

My favorite children’s book is: I am in love with the publications of Potamitis Publishing because they focus on the lives of the saints. Their book, St. Christopher is my favorite. It’s an honest story revealing that when we patiently and prayerfully search for Christ, He will show Himself to us, and we will have peace, no matter what struggles we face.

My job is: I do several things to keep busy. I started a small hobby/business called V’s Cardbox where I design and sell note cards with Orthodox themes. I manage the bookstore at our church. I volunteer at a local fitness center with after-rehab clients. I blog my meals to encourage the practice of fasting. And I volunteer at my son’s school. But my job is being a mommy and supporting my husband.

What I love about my job: I love the many things I do to keep busy, but taking care of my son keeps me satisfied. It is an awesome responsibility. The best part is that it is ever changing. As he grows, so does his awareness, creativity, humor, and logic. And just when I think I have him all figured out, he matures some more and changes the playing field. It’s wonderful!

If I could tell our youth one thing it would be: I wish I could convince everyone to love and respect the saints that lived before us. Life doesn’t change that much in history. I am referring to the stuff that really matters. The differences are the tools we use, the clothes we wear and how we entertain ourselves. The saints lived in dedication to Christ and the Orthodox faith. They struggled to please God. They can show us what we can do to follow in their footsteps- pleasing God. If you want to live a life that pleases God, you should learn and know the lives and examples of the saints.

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