On our Shelf – Daniel and the Lion

Title:  Daniel and the Lion

Author/Illustrator: Claire Brandenburg

Publisher: Conciliar Press

What it’s about: A boy named Daniel who is being bullied, the emotions he experiences, and how he overcomes the situation.  It shows the confusion, fear, and anxiety he is feeling.  Throughout the story he reaches out to various people such as his godmother, priest, and Mr. Zorbas the grocer.  They ask him to talk to his teacher and his family.  However, since Daniel is feeling the powerlessness of bullying, he thinks he will be a coward if he tells (this is a great teachable moment to explain that Daniel is not a coward if he tells).  They tell him to pray and let they him know they are praying for him as well.  As they each pray for him, their own patron saint begins to help Daniel.   In the end, through prayer and the intercessions of different saints, Daniel is shown another side of the child who is bullying him.  He’s no longer afraid of him, and instead shows the boy compassion in his time of need.

What we love about it: The really beautiful illustrations and the way they depict an unseen (kid friendly) spiritual battle occurring, and how it shows the power of prayer. We also love the story and characters, and the books usefulness as an important and meaningful teaching tool.

Activity: “Our Family Bully Plan” worksheet, found on our Scribd page. The Family Bully plan is meant to be proactive tool in helping your child understand and react to bullying.


1.  Write your last name on top line.

2.  As a family define the word bully.

3.  Create a plan or steps to take, if your child feels like they are being bullied or watching someone else being bullied.

Book 4 is on the shelf

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, take the pledge to #StandAgainstBullying.  I also wanted to share these two awesome videos created by the GOA Youth Office.



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