On Our Shelf – Getting to Know God

Title:  Getting To Know God

Author/Illustrator: John Kosmas Skinas

Publisher: Conciliar Press

What it’s about: How we use our five senses to get to know God.

What we love about it: The size, the beautiful and well thought out photographs, the clean and appealing organization of the five senses, and the content used.  We really love how it helps children to understand the different ways they can use their senses to get to know God.  We also love the beautiful children’s prayers at the end of the book!

Activity: My Five Senses found on our scribd page.  Also check out our Pinterest page for more ideas.



–   Pencils, color pencils, markers or crayons – (or printouts for each section)

– Scissors (glue for printouts if using)



1.  Print out the worksheet, then read and talk about “Getting To Know God” by John Kosmas Skinas

2.  Talk about (and possibly chart) each of the senses and how we use them to get to know God.

3. On the worksheet draw (or glue in) and label pictures to match the senses in each of the boxes.

Book 6 is on the shelf

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