On our shelf – Our Hymn of the Nativity

Title:  Our Hymn of the Nativity

Author/Illustrator: The Sisters of All Saints Greek Orthodox Monastery

Publisher: All Saints Greek Orthodox Monastery

What it’s about: a Hymn thanking God for the incredible gift we were given at the Nativity; and what we offered back to God in the form of the Theotokos, the wise men, etc (I don’t want to give too much away).

What we love about it: The gorgeous artwork, how it expresses the true meaning of Christmas gift giving, and the beautiful and meaningful simplicity.

Activity: Stained glass Nativity scene.


– colorful tissue paper cut into small squares

– a cutout silhouette of the nativity, using black construction paper or card stock

– scissors

– a hole punch

– contact paper

– string


1.  Cut out two pieces of contact paper larger than your Nativity silhouette

2.  Place the Nativity silhouette onto one piece of the contact paper.  Cover the scene, and about an inch around it, with tissue paper squares.

3.  Place the second sheet of contact paper over your finished Nativity scene and cut 1/2 inch around it.

4.  Punch a hole on the top and cut a piece of string.  Loop your string through the hole and tie a knot.

5.  Hang in your window.


Book 7 is on the shelf

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