On our shelf – The Hidden Garden a story of the heart

gU_jLnWdg499ZkqjnZqHlKOHGiRmNyJZDgo00wIZtuPkjGcb2Xf18_hYwn0HQ7ZqkXIyzRhLEHw5Rh7WW1ChPsE5KDVBFfWJIH8tadi7A3xYZHea5t0gsKYvI4mA3jE24Q=s0-d-e1-ftTitle: The Hidden Garden a story of the heart

Author: Jane G Meyer

Illustrator: Masha Lobastov

Publisher: Conciliar Press

What it’s about: An older man tells a boy how Christ helped him to turn his dry and desert heart into a beautiful and peaceful garden.  The story speaks to allowing Christ in our lives and hearts to cultivate with us, a heart filled with prayer, forgiveness, peace and love.  

What we love about it:  The gorgeous illustrations and the deep meaning behind the words on each page.  How it allows for a meaningful conversations about having a peaceful heart, asking for God’s help, and continuously working with Christ as we grow.  Also love, love, love, the words and illustration of Christ knocking on the door.

Activity: The Hidden Garden Puzzle

Supplies: a blank puzzle and crayons



After reading, talking, and thinking about The Hidden Garden a story of the heart, draw your thoughts or favorite part onto your puzzle. Play and have fun!

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