On our Shelf – What is an Icon?

Title: What is an Icon?

Author/Illustrator/Publisher: St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery (reprint of original edition by Talanton Press) found here

What it’s about: this amazing book teaches the reader what an icon is, why we venerate them, where we find them, how they are teaching tools, how they are used at home and at church, and information about specific icons.

What we love about it: The very beautiful illustrations, the way the book gives comprehensive information about icons in a kid friendly way, and the story itself.

Activity: “I found Icons…”, found on our scribd page here http://www.scribd.com/doc/173729877/I-found-Icons%E2%80%A6


1. Read the story “What is an Icon?”

2. Talk about, brainstorm, and write down on paper (or the board) the places you might find an Icon.

3.  Walk around your house (classroom or church) with drawing/writing materials and the worksheet, and locate Icons.

4.  On the blank lines found in each box of the worksheet, write the name of the different rooms/places you find an Icon.  Ex. In the kitchen or kitchen.  Below the line, draw a picture of the Icon(s) and the things around it.  If you cannot draw the Icon, find a copy online, print it out, and glue it on.

5.  If you are doing this as a group, come back together and compare icons and discuss how the story relates to your experience.

Book 3 is on the shelf

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