On our Shelf – Yiayia and the Prosphoron

Title:  Yiayia and the Prosphoron

Author/Illustrator: Egle-Ekaterine Potamitis

Publisher: Potamitis Publishing

What it’s about: Three siblings and their Yiayia making Prosphoron together.  It shows the steps they take to make it from beginning to end.  It also includes an activity, wonderful kid friendly information on Prosphoron, the recipe, and the prayers to read.

What we love about it: The really lovely illustrations, and they very cute extra details throughout the book. We love how the story simplifies something that can seem overwhelming to both children and adults.  How it is a powerful and meaningful teaching tool, that can be used to help children feel empowered to make Prosphoron.  Lastly we love how children can relate to the characters and understand the steps; as the book guides them through the process of making something so special.

Activity: Yiayia and the Prosphoron Sequencing Game which can be found on our Scribd page.


–       Color Pencils, markers or crayons –       Scissors


1.  Print out the worksheet (2 pages), then read and talk about the story “Yiayia and the Prosphoron” by Egle-Ekaterine Potamitis

 2. Draw pictures to match the words in each of the boxes.

3.   Cut out the squares and put them in the order they happened.

4.  Mix up the cards and play again

Book 5 is on the shelf

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