Orthodox Handmade – Christine Sharp-Crowe

Company Name: weather&noise, made, Indie Emporium

My Name: Christine Sharp-Crowe

My Patron Saint: Saint Lucia

What I make: Primarily homewares and artwork.  I screenprint my original illustrations and prints onto linen tea towels.  I also run a shop in Tulsa called made.  We have two locations and sell handmade goods and a few vintage treasures.  Aside from that, I organize Indie Emporium, an indie craft fair and co-organize Marry Me Indie, an indie bridal fair coming up June 1st.

Where you can find me: So many!  http://www.weatherandnoise.net, http://www.shopatmade.com, http://www.indieemporium.com, http://www.marrymeindie.com http://www.facebook.com/weatherandnoise, http://www.twitter.com/christinecrowe http://www.pinterest.com/christinecrowe Instagram – @christinesharpcrowe

How being Orthodox impacts my work:  Well, I’m a little new to Orthodoxy, so it’s hard to say right now.  I love iconography though and have done a bit of study about icon writing, although it takes a bit more patience than I have.. That’s kept me from finishing my first icon for a few years.

As a child, my favorite children’s book was:  Goodnight Moon was and still is my favorite.
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