Orthodox Handmade – Debra Lyn Korluka


Hello my Name is: Debra Lyn Korluka
Where you can find me: Icon Art Studios http://www.icon-art-studios.com/

My patron saint is: I have felt the presence of so many saints especially in my work.  My middle name is Lyn taken from my mother’s name which is Helen, by which then my formal patron saints are St. Helena and the old testament prophetess, St. Deborah

As a child, my favorite children’s book was or My favorite children’s book is: Both Lassie and Black Beauty; I love animals

What I love about my job: freedom to travel and meet many people of the world

If I could tell our youth one thing it would be: hold tight to the faith that your ancestors have taught you, seek Christ, ask questions, discern.  Love God first and foremost and you will always be happy with who you are as you grow to the potential in all your talents and desires in life.


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