On our shelf – Every Time I Do My Cross

Title: Every Time I Do My Cross

Author/Illustrator: Prsv. Angela Alatzakis

Publisher: The Orthodox Children’s Press

What it’s about: How we make the sign of the cross, and some of the reasons why we do.  The book follows a boy (named James) through his Sunday; waking up, going to church, liturgy, church school, a soccer game, riding his bike, eating with his family, and going to bed.  During these events in his day, he tells us why he does his cross.

Activity: How to do my cross Paper Doll

Supplies: Card Stock, scissors, coloring supplies (color pencils, markers, crayons), mini brads (I found these at Michaels), push pin or hole punch depending on the brads, and glue.


1.  Read the story and talk about the different times and reasons you do your cross.

2.  From your card stock cut out a head, arms, legs, shirt,a skirt or pants, and hair.


3.  Color your card stock to look like you.

4.  Have an adult use the push pin to carefully make a hole in the two arms and then put in the brad to connect them.  Then use your scissors to round out the corners like elbows.  Repeat on the other arm.

5.  Do the same process with the push pin to add the arms to the shirt, placing them where the shoulders would be.  The arms need to go in front of the shirt so they can make the sign of the cross.

6.  Glue the head to the hair (if you made hair), the head to the shirt, the shirt to the pants or skirt, and then lastly glue on the legs.

7.  Practice and show others how to do your cross with your paper doll.

8.  If you want to share your Paper Doll with us… and give us permission to share it, take a picture of it and send it to our email torthodoxcpress@gmail.com, tag us on instagram or twitter @ torthodoxcpress, or send us a message on our facebook page.

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