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It is such an honor and blessing to share these two amazing websites created by Christiana Roulakis.  She is an amazing person, who is a wonderful inspiration for us all.  She is a tireless philanthropist, a recipient of Greek America’s Forty under Forty award, and an incredible example of how to live your faith! Through her continuous efforts to help organizations such as the Theotokos Girl’s Orphanage in India, she has brought awareness and support to so many Orthodox in need. We are so thankful for the work she does and look forward to what is ahead!

Hello my Name is: Christiana Roulakis

My patron saint is: Christ

My websites:

What it’s about: The Lucky Girls is a campaign that helps raise funds and awareness for the Theotokos Girl’s Orphanage in India. I was a volunteer at the orphanage, and I was so grateful for all the work that is being done in India to help educate children. I produced a film about the orphanage to help them raise funds and awareness. The orphanage is run by Sister Nectaria, who does an exceptional job of loving the girls, teaching them about Orthodoxy and helping them to become educated and self-sufficient. It is a very high achieving setting, and a very high percentage of the girls go to college as well as graduate school.

DIY Philanthropy is my own personal blog where I share do-it-yourself projects and aspirations to make the world a better place. It’s full of pictures, projects and ideas.

What you can do to help: The orphanage is in need of funds at this point. They were reliant on Greek funds for the past several years, and now with the economic crisis, those funds are no longer present. You can host a screening of Lucky Girls in your home, parish or community and collect funds. Or you can host a “philanthroparty” where you accept donations rather than presents for your next party or holiday. I’m also always open to brainstorming ideas if you’d like to email me.

How being Orthodox impacts my work: The stories of Christ’s love for others, towards the poor, the rejected, the lepers and the outcast truly touch my heart and bring me to tears. If I can possess an ounce of this love for others, I would be so grateful. Through the Lucky Girls project, I have been blessed to connect with some wonderful people and make truly lasting friendships within the Orthodox community.

My favorite children’s book is: The Giving Tree.

If I could tell Orthodox youth one thing: Don’t be shy about your faith. Bring your friends to church, especially the midnight service for Easter, which my friends loved. Learn about what others believe and discuss your beliefs with others. Meet Orthodox people from other churches that are not only Greek Orthodox or OCA or Russian Orthodox, etc. Never be afraid to ask questions about your faith.

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